Angels We Have Heard on High


Cheesy synth rendition (trust me- it works!)


Programme Notes:

The Christmas Eve tradition of shepherds watching their flocks in the hills of southern France and calling to one another in song is an old one that dates back several centuries.  The tune the shepherds sang, probably from a medieval chorale, is what we now know as the “Gloria, in excelsis Deo” refrain of Angels We Have Heard on High.  However, the music for the carol’s verse dates from the 18th century and was a popular tune of its day.  It wasn’t until 1855 that these two melodies were first combined into its present form and published in a carol collection.

Performance Notes:

Strong, mature players are required on all parts, particularly the first trumpet, who gets to dazzle everyone with some athletic piccolo trumpet playing!  The dotted eighth/sixteenth rhythms in the trumpets and organ at letter D may be played in the so-called “French style”, that is, almost like double dotted eighth/thirty-second rhythms.


Duration: 3:00


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