The Little Shepherd


Cheesy synth rendition (trust me- it works!)


THE LITTLE SHEPHERD from Children’s Corner

CLAUDE DEBUSSY (1862-1918)

Programme Notes:

Debussy dedicated his 1908 piano work Children’s Corner to his three-year old daughter, writing: “To my beloved little Chouchou, with the tender excuses of her father for that which follows”. There are six pieces in the suite, each bearing an evocative English language title. The Little Shepherd (Chouchou’s favourite doll) is personified by a haunting reed pipe melody (heard in muted trumpet) which alternates with a contrasting, jig-like tune that surrenders each time into a cadence of hushed awe.Performance Notes:

If there is an ease of maneuverability in the performance venue, the 1st Trumpet is encouraged to play the three muted “reed pipe” entries (the passages beginning at bars 1, 12 and 19, respectively) from offstage, possibly from three different positions, with each position getting progressively closer to the stage. With the final entry ending at bar 21, the player should ensure that there is enough time to take their normal place in the quintet to play the final unmuted entry at bar 24. If the player finds it impractical to get to the stage, they may play these passages from one offstage position and this final entry may be omitted. Of course, the entire part may be played onstage from the player’s normal position within the quintet. Trumpet in Bb and Trombone may replace the Flugelhorn and Euphonium if desired.

Duration: 2:30 


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