Hodie Christus Natus Est


Have an antiphonal Christmas!

Cheesy synth rendition (trust me- it works!)


GIOVANNI GABRIELI (c. 1553-6 – 1612)

Programme Notes:

Giovanni Gabrieli was a noted composer of his day, living and working in Venice for most of his life. His employment at St. Mark’s Basilica afforded him the opportunity to exploit the unique design of the church interior with its multiple choir lofts by using large forces of instruments or voices spatially separated. Gabrieli was also one of the first composers to use dynamic indications in his compositions.
Hodie Christus natus est (Today, Christ is born) dates from 1597, and was composed originally for two antiphonal five voice choirs.

Performance Notes:

As with many of Gabrieli’s compositions, it is preferable to have spatial separation between the two choirs, (in this case, between the sound of the organ and the brass). For groups wishing a more authentic Gabrieli brass sound, I have included Bb trumpet and alto trombone substitute parts for the French horn and would suggest the use of a bass trombone or cimbasso in lieu of the tuba.

Duration: 3:00


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